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Safety @ OMC

The Safety Mission and Core Safety Values at OMC include:

  1. Bodily Injury Prevention
  2. Protection of Others Through Self-Awareness
  3. Environmental Cleanliness

At OMC we believe that health and safety are not merely policies or procedures, but a culture. The safety culture at OMC represents our behavior towards the environment and the safety and protection of each individual. Safety is not enforced, but embraced throughout the entire work and operational processes. There is only one way that we feel there is to do work and that is to do it safe or NOT at all.

When planning and executing every operational project the environment, health, and safety remain the primary considerations upon completion. This has resulted in success and accomplishment. By making safety the priority of our driving force we are able to deliver effective, efficient, quality products and services to all of our customers.

OMC has developed a high level of expectation from its employees and partners on their safety attitude and performance. To assist in this process, OMC has developed a program of training and continuing education aimed at providing the knowledge and know how to work safe, be safe and know safety the best way possible.

The final key aspect to the safety culture at OMC is our open door policy directed towards everyone: employees, contractors, sub-contractors, customers, and bystanders. If there are any concerns related to the safety of personnel, equipment or the environment please contact the HSE department and the concern will be appropriately addressed and corrected in the most efficient manner.

Health, Safety, Security & Environmental Protection Policy

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