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Liftboat Overview

Air Gap / Deck Height Calculator

Fill in your water depth and penetration in the two boxes below and click the submit button.
The air gap and deck elevation values will populate next to each vessels information in the chart below.

Water Depth: Penetration:    

Domestic Vessels:

VesselClass/Leg Length (ft.)Working Water Depth (ft.)Berths (Non-Crew)Deck Load (lbs.)Usable Deck Space (sq. ft.)Main Crane (T)Auxiliary Crane (T)Official NumberAir GapDeck Elevation
Lucas Bourg17513022422,0004,000110301208625
Olivia Grace20016036760,0005,000125301215002
Michael Eymard215175361,000,0006,000175501239850
Tobie Eymard215175361,000,0006,000175501246620
Raimy Eymard215175361,000,0006,000175501249839
Jamie Eymard215175361,000,0006,000175501249839
Lacie Eymard215175361,000,0006,000175501249839

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